Ordinary people know what it is like to struggle with life; to be hurt, to be disappointed, to say something and wish they hadn't or to act in ways that they wish they could take back. Ordinary people know what it is like to wish for clearer communication, stronger relationships, the ability to love and accept love, and wonder what they could do to make life better. Ordinary people struggle with addictions, fear or anger. There isn't a person alive who has life truly figured out; we are all looking for ways to improve.

The Trek is a program for you, about you and by you. It helps those who want freedom to learn more about their behaviors and the belief systems that drive those behaviors. It is for everyone and no one who completes the journey will be the same.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

The Trek is a program written by ordinary people, for ordinary people.

No Regrets...

By Maria Rudesill

While surfing the internet during a break, I discovered a list of the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, collected from the Guardian News Report (

Spring Cleaning

By Maria Rudesill

Well, it is the end of May here in the Northwoods and it finally seems like Spring has arrived.  Mind you, we will still need to cover our plants and adapt our clothing for at least another month, but the air is warmer and t...


By Barry Rudesill

This week, the focus of the entire nation was fixed on one school.  “Evil visited this town,” said Connecticut Governor Malloy to describe the tragedy that took place in the small ...

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