The Trek - Standard Edition

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Ordinary people know what it is like to struggle with life; to be hurt, to be disappointed, to say something and wish they hadn’t or to act in ways that they wish they could take back. Ordinary people know what it is like to wish for clearer communication, stronger relationships, and wonder what they could do to make life better. There isn’t a person alive who has life truly figured out; we are all looking for ways to improve.

The Trek is a program for you, about you and by you.

Does this sound like something you or someone you love has been searching for? Have you tried other programs and experienced change that only went so far? What if there was another option that could take you deeper into a better understanding of who you really are and who you are truly meant to become?

What Is The Trek?

The Trek is an online self-discovery video series that educates participants about themselves, their behaviors, and their emotional reactions toward situations and people they encounter every day. Each session is designed to help identify and celebrate strengths while recognizing and improving areas where growth is needed. By using the tools presented in this program, you can strengthen your relationships with your family, spouse, children, parents, co-workers and others while, at the same time, changing your negative habits and developing a healthier outlook on life.

Discover the reasons why you do the things you do!

How Can I Benefit?

We at The Trek don’t assume that you are an addict, abused, angry - or living in denial. While we can help people who are struggling with similar issues, we believe that everyone, regardless of their past experiences, can discover something about themselves that will help them live a more rewarding, fuller, satisfying life.

Individuals who have already begun their personal Trek report amazing changes in their lives, including better understanding of personal and other’s responses, better emotional management, creation of solid boundaries, greater self-confidence, healthier behavior and thought patterns, increased communication skills and an overall better understanding of their personal worth and value.

Delivery Method

The Trek is an online curriculum series, with 26 sessions that include a video and workbook that covers topics such as “Perceptions and Expectations”, “Self-Talk”, “Reactive Behaviors”, “Healthy Relationships” and more. Each week, a new session becomes available in your account. If you need to rearrange your schedule, the program will simply wait for you.

You can choose to take The Trek alone or alongside a family member or friend. The Trek also works well with small groups, so gather a handful of close friends and support each other as you become who you are meant to be!


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How Does it Work?

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The Standard Edition is designed for adults, 18 and older. If you are interested in learning more about our programs for students, please visit our Student Edition page. For our residential youth programs, please check out BASICS.

About The Trek

The Trek is an online personal development curriculum that is for anyone and everyone. If you are seeking a path to greater understanding, stronger relationships, and better interpersonal skills, join us on this life-changing journey. Your life will never be the same again.

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"I learned SO much about myself and stuff I NEED to work on and stuff that I'm doing good and should continue to do. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to come here and have this experience." Trystin, Sr. High Student

"Now that The Trek is over, my journey begins to use the tools I've been taught to go through the rest of my life being a better and more content person. I'm excited to see what lies ahead for me." Carol, Adult

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