May 15, 2017

Core Beliefs

By Barry Rudesill

If you've been through The Trek, you know that we call ourselves a "Belief Modification" program. Why? Because what we believe to be true about ourselves - the most fundamental definitions of who we are - is what drives our behaviors.

If I believe I'm a failure, if it's hardwired into my core, then I will live a life that reinforces that belief. If I don't succeed, I will KNOW that it's because I'm a failure. If I do succeed, I will downplay the success. "It was so simple, anyone could do it." "It really wasn't that important." Or, how about, "It's no big deal." 
Sometimes, I won't even try because I'm convinced there's no point to it.

I was recently talking with a talented young man who has uncovered at least a couple of his core beliefs. He looked at me and said, "I don't think these are true." Now this is nothing new. I've had people doubt their core beliefs before, even though they're the ones who discover them!

Thinking for a moment, I wrote a message on a piece of paper: "Because I am a [failure], I have done/said..." I told him that if the core belief was real, he should see a pattern in his life that shows how that belief drove him to behave. In a short time, he had some "great" examples of how his beliefs drove him to act, to speak to others and to interact in relationships. After that, he accepted that these were his core beliefs and told me that he wanted to change them.

With that, how do your beliefs drive you? What happens if you put your core beliefs - whether you belief them or not - into the sentence, "Because I am _____________________, I have done/said..."? Do you see the patterns played out in your life?

If you doubt what drives you, you may want to take another look. If you find something there you don't like, remember: You CAN change it!

Know that we are here for you and we hope you enjoy your journey!

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